Uniwipe Ultra Grime Wipes - Pack of 100

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Cleaning Wipes
Pack of 100
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UltraGrime are the biggest and best wipes you can buy. Use these dirt eating wipes all day, every day on your hands, tools and many other surfaces, including fabric and upholstery. They effortlessly cut through oil, grease, ink, paint, silicone, bitumen, uncured PU foam and other stubborn, ground-in grime – they’re your ultimate cleaning companion!

Use to Clean up your tools, hands and simply any surface!

- 100 huge wipes
- Quick clean-up – removes grease, paint, silicone, foam and adhesives
- Super-soft, strong and absorbent
- Very low foaming
- Unique grease-busting ability
- Recyclable packaging
- Eats through oil, grease and grime
- Super-size wipes 38cm x 25cm for speedy cleaning
- Hand safe
- Safe to use on all surfaces
- Dispenses one wipe at a time
- Dermatologically tested
- Alcohol-free with Vitamin E and Aloe extract
- Large absorbency capacity
- Flexible packaging for less waste
- Super-strong pouches that stand up to any environment
- Ultragrime collects the dirt like microfibre fabric and keeps it on!
- Contains antibacterial agents

Roadside mechanics – ideal for cleaning up before that sandwich. Car valets – safe on all surfaces, seats, dash and mats. Alloy wheels – removes that yellow stain. Suitable for car parts and components, too

Suitable for paint and glue removals, pre-work damp dusting and cleaning up DIY – the list is endless – wherever you need to wipe or clean!

Keep your hands clean and germ-free. Use for site cabin clean ups and to keep tools and surfaces clean

Service and on-site engineers:
Ideal for places where there’s no running water

Use on BBQs, sports, camping and gardening equipment … and more …

Your imagination is where it ends!