Plywood - SP101 - 1220 x 610 x 5.5mm

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1220 x 610 x 5.5mm
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SP101 Flooring Plywood® has been developed as a result of extensive consultation with many experts from the flooring industry in order to
produce a product that is specifically suitable for application.

In developing and producing SP101, the intention was to create a plywood panel which would provide the assurance that Hanson clearly appreciated was needed. The aim was to set new standards and benchmark a fit-for-purpose plywood for the industry.

Once fully approved and acknowledged by accredited bodies, SP101 specification was used alongside the CFA Plywood Guidance Note as the basis for a plywood specification to be written into BS 8203 Installation of resilient floor coverings – Code of practice. The flooring industry can now confidently rely on approved and compliant plywood for all flooring applications.

The key features that are addressed in manufacture and ensure panels are guaranteed fit for purpose include;

- Thicker outer veneers
- Reliable Gluing
- Strict thickness/dimensional tolerances
- Controlled moisture content
- High quality core

The industry recognises the importance of fit-for-purpose plywood and manufacturers of floor coverings and adhesives have been keen to test SP101 alongside their own products to ensure all materials would work in harmony. Extensive performance testing has taken place since 2013, and SP101 is now widely recognised as being fully fit for purpose.